Book Reviews

From Values to Action:
The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership
by Harry M. Jansen Kraemer Jr.

Self-reflection helps you ask, “What decisions led me to where I am now.” The next step is to determine where you want to be. Then the author makes a key distinction between “Where are you most active?” and “Where are you most productive?” and exploring the difference. Next, we need to be curious about others’ perspectives on issue and find a balance between perspectives to make truly productive goals.

by Marshall Goldsmith

We don’t simply become the person we want to be by thinking about the person we want to be. Life is not like The Matrix. You cannot simply upload knowledge into your brain and have the associated muscle memory that comes with years of experience. We are great planners, and we suck at implementation.

If I should Die Before I Live
by Ken Jones

We are given 7 days in which to live our life.
Some Day – for dreaming
Any Day – for waiting
Everyday – for living
Yesterday – for remembering
Today – for now
Tomorrow – for possibility
And a day of rest.