If I Should Die Before I Live

By Kevin Jones

In a Nutshell:

            We are given 7 days in which to live our life.

Some Day – for dreaming

Any Day – for waiting

Everyday – for living

Yesterday – for remembering

Today – for now

Tomorrow – for possibility

And a day of rest.

The Deeper Dive:

Someday is for dreaming about how our future might look.  “When we lose our ability to imagine that life will ever be any different than it is right now, we’ve denied ourselves the opportunities that can only be found … Someday.”

Any day might sound similar, but it is different.  Someday is far off in the future (hopefully).  Any Day is much closer, and we instinctively know the difference between “Someday I will retire.” And “Any day I will retire.” We often show the difference by placing another word with any day – “any day now.”  Any day is full of anticipation (and waiting).

Everyday – as in everyday life.  We sometimes use it to describe regularly occurring events. We get paid every other Friday. I have a bible study every Thusday.  This day requires something of us: We need to have something to live for – a reason to get out of bed – Every day.

            Yesterday is the longest day you will ever live, – in fact, it gets longer every day.

It is the only day that grows.  Yesterday also makes it possible it possible to learn.  If we did not have a memory of past days, how could we remember lessons learned?

            Today is the shortest day of our life.  According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, you can either know the location or the speed of an electron, not both.  Today is the location – where you are NOW, not the where you are heading or the speed of travel.

            Tomorrow is filled with the unknown, with possibility. Tomorrow is the only day that shrinks. There is risk in Tomorrow – you have no guarantee of the results of tomorrow, no guarantee even that you will have another tomorrow. And yet tomorrow is FULL – of worries, anxieties, and fear – and HOPE!

            A day of rest. Perhaps at the end of a hard week, end of a journey, maybe a Sabbatical, or a weekly Sabbath.  And, if we are being honest, we all face a day of “eternal rest.”

Now that you know the seven days of your life, I hope you choose to make the most of each and every one of them.