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Dr. Jim Heid

Working with Dr. Jim Heid

Guided by a dedication to your personal and professional fulfillment, Repurposement Life Coaching empowers individuals to uncover their strengths, articulate core values, and excel in leaning into strengths.

Our commitment is rooted in your holistic success, both personally and professionally, we believe in fostering transformative self-discovery for a harmonious and purposeful existence. We are your partner in achieving a life of purpose and flourishing.

In Person 1 to 1 Coaching

In person Strengths-Based Coaching 10 sessions over 3 months 5 sessions to go over your top 5 strengths

Virtual Coaching

Ongoing virtual life coaching tailored to your specific need and goals and 1 in person consultation

Group Sessions

Mixture of group and individual coaching based on the groups strengths. DISC Assessment-Based Coaching

Speaking Engagements

Now booking 2024 speaking engagements for in person and virtual. Contact for form information.

Diplomas and Certificates

Jim is an accredited and certified life coach. Working with a certified and accredited life coach offers numerous benefits, including gaining valuable insights, setting clear and achievable goals, developing a customized action plan, receiving ongoing support, and ultimately experiencing positive transformations in various aspects of life such as career, relationships, and personal well-being

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Client Experiences & Testimonials

"I appreciate your experience with direct patient care practice models. I also value the coaching metaphor of the positive day plan to keep in my pocket -- to pull out at a time when a positive reframe might be helpful!" Yes, be a positivity catalyst. It is a gift that keeps on giving.”
- Carolyn
“You listen very well. You picked up on words and expressions and asked questions that helped me define what I meant. You were good at going back to things that I had said earlier in the session and even in earlier sessions. Your questions and comments gave me the confidence that you were really listening and totally present to me. There was a mutual trust and openness that helped me anticipate our sessions with joy and thankfulness. I especially liked your emphasis on reaching new awareness of topics and situations"
- Mary
Jim is a reserved, insightful and beautiful soul and I am so blessed to have him here since the beginning!!! If you don't know him already, connect with him. Thank you Jim Heid for being here since day 1… I am so grateful to you and all you have helped
- Diana
"My appointment with Dr. Jim Heid was wonderful. He gave me practical strategies (like box breathing) to help with my anxiety and feelings of overwhelm with my upcoming transition at work. He also sent me a follow up email with resources like audiobook suggestions. Thank you Dr. Heid and to Physician Coach support for listening, caring, and making me feel more empowered."
- Anshu
“I can honestly say this was the most valuable physician coaching I've ever had. Absolutely Awesome.”
- Vidya