Life Coaching With Dr. Jim Heid

At Repurposement Life Coaching, our mission is to unlock your true potential by helping you uncover strengths, define core values, and skillfully navigate the journey of life and leadership.  We explore what it looks like to lean into strengths, manage your weaknesses, and authentically live in alignment with your core values. We believe in fostering transformative self-discovery to bring meaning & purpose to all aspects of your life.

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Career Coaching

Specializing in career satisfaction, career transition, and mid-life career change, I am passionate about guiding individuals toward fulfilling and purposeful professional journeys.

Career Satisfaction
Career Transition
Mid Life Career 

Empty Nest

As a compassionate life coach with expertise in guiding empty nesters, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during this transformative phase of life.

Redefine priorities 
Establish New routines

Health & Wellness

Your health and wellness are your greatest asset in life, lets work together to maximize your fulfillment in life and unlock your full potential physically and mentally to reach your goals. 

Holistic living
Your health
Overall wellness

Coaching Services

Personalized guidance and support, empowering you to navigate life's challenges, set meaningful goals, and achieve lasting fulfillment

1 to 1 Coaching

In person Strengths-Based Coaching
10 sessions over 3 months
5 sessions to go over your top 5 strengths

Virtual Coaching

Ongoing virtual life coaching tailored to your specific need and goals with and in person VIP consult to go over your strengths

Group Sessions

Mixture of group and individual coaching based on the groups strengths. DISC Assessment-Based Coaching

What Clients Say

"My appointment with Dr. Jim Heid was wonderful. He gave me practical strategies (like box breathing) to help with my anxiety and feelings of overwhelm with my upcoming transition at work. He also sent me a follow up email with resources like audiobook suggestions. Thank you Dr. Heid and to Physician Coach support for listening, caring, and making me feel more empowered."

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